NFL analyst drops truthbomb on 49ers’ shift from Mac Jones to Trey Lance: “The guy was ultra impressive”

The unexpected decision of the 49ers to choose Trey Lance had many fans and analysts curious. It was speculated that the team must have a lot of internal conflicts and debates going on but the recent clarification from Adam Schefter has cleared everyone’s doubt.

He recently talked about the quarterback and shared that the 49ers fell in love with him. Keep reading this article to find all the details about what the NFL analyst said about Trey Lance and his impact on the team.

The 49ers Fell in Love with Trey Lance over Mac Jones

Trey Lance

Adam Schefter’s insights have debunked the notion that the 49ers had a significant internal conflict about their first-round pick. According to Schefter, the 49ers initially traded up intending to draft Mac Jones, who was highly regarded by the team. However, during the evaluation period leading up to the draft, the 49ers had the opportunity to closely examine other prospects, including Trey Lance.

“I don’t think that’s right,” Schefter said. “I’m just telling you, they traded up with the idea that they loved Mac Jones, okay? When they made that trade, they traded up with the idea that they’re going to draft Mac Jones while also having—I think it was six weeks to the draft, maybe a little less—a month or so to look at the other prospects.”


The interview revealed that the quarterback’s intelligence and remarkable skills left a lasting impression on the 49ers’ decision-makers. Schefter emphasized that he tested off the charts in terms of intelligence and displayed exceptional qualities when he was brought into the team’s facilities. The 49ers were captivated by his potential and the unique qualities he brought to the quarterback position.

Lance’s talent ultimately led the 49ers to choose him over Mac Jones. Schefter explained that the team recognized the difficulty opposing defenses would face in trying to replicate their offensive strategy with a player like Lance. Unlike the more traditional approach associated with Jones, the quarterback possesses the ability to freelance and play spontaneous football, which aligns with the 49ers’ vision for their offense.

How many starts did Lance get?

Over the previous three years, including his senior year at North Dakota State, Lance has started five football games and completed 132 passes

The revelation by NFL analyst Adam Schefter provides valuable insights into the San Francisco 49ers’ decision to shift from Mac Jones to Trey Lance. 

Trey Lance

While the initial motivation behind trading up in the draft was to select Jones, the 49ers’ evaluation process allowed them to witness the exceptional qualities and intangibles that the quarterback brings to the table. 

The allure of his immense potential and his unique playing style, which is harder to replicate, proved to be the decisive factors in the 49ers’ choice. As the 49ers move forward with Trey Lance, only time will tell whether this bold decision will pay off.


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