Undefeated UFC star Ilia Topuria fires shots at ‘unranked’ Paddy Pimblett: “He is not worth anything”

One of the strangest rivalries in the UFC probably exists between Ilia Topuria and Paddy Pimblett. Despite not even competing in the same division, somehow the two have become one of the most anticipated matchups.

While Paddy has lost a lot of credibility following his controversial win against Jared Gordon, Ilia has only climbed up the ranks defeating one top contender after the other.

Ilia Topuria’s view on bout vs Paddy Pimblett

Ilia Topuria came to the decision to give up on trying to get a fight against The Baddy after several verbal altercations, a fight in the hotel lobby, and a post-fight callout in the octagon. He feels that competing against Pimblett would be a step backward in his career as he climbs through the ranks and sets his sights on the UFC featherweight championship.

El Matador believes he no longer needs to prove himself to Pimblett after achieving recognition and a higher rating within the division. He believes the possible fight lacks the significance and advancement he now wants. The UFC star wants to concentrate on opponents that can help him in his quest for the featherweight championship.

This choice demonstrates his confidence in his skills and determination to advance further in the UFC. Although there has been much of drama and suspense surrounding the rivalry between the two fighters, Topuria’s stance indicates that he is currently seeking out opponents who will provide larger obstacles and support his championship aspirations.

Ilia Topuria’s next bout at UFC Jacksonville

Ilia Topuria’s next bout is scheduled for Sunday, June 25 on UFC Jacksonville against Josh Emmet.

Topuria has established himself as a promising star in the featherweight division thanks to his undefeated record and impressive performances. On the other hand, Josh, the fifth-ranked featherweight, is a difficult foe inside the Octagon due to his experience and knockout ability.

Topuria says he’s confident in his skills for a fight on June 25 with Emmett. However, it’s important to recognise that any fight’s result can be unpredictable, and winning calls for the best talent and tenacity from both fighters.

In the constantly changing world of mixed martial arts, shocks and unexpected outcomes are quite common. In the fight between Topuria and Emmett on June 25, we could see the next title challenger emerge.



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