The Rock known to be “The People’s Champ”, once endured immense jeering from the fans for defending his family

The Rock is known as The People’s Champion among the WWE Universe and had impressed the fans with his electrifying mic skills & in-ring action. The charisma of the Hollywood star attracted the fans, which leads to the rise of Dwayne Johnson.

As popular among the fans, The Rock was mostly cheered by the WWE Universe during his time in WWE. However, there is an instance in history where the People’s Champion got massive booed by the fans because of protecting his own family in the ring.

The Rock’s return to WWE PPV to elevate Roman Reigns met with massive outrage

Currently, Roman Reigns is the Undisputed Champion in WWE. Even being a villainous character, The Undisputed Champion got cheered and praised by the WWE Universe. However, during his run as a Babyface, he got booed by most of the crowd. The hate against Roman Reigns reached its peak during Royal Rumble 2015, where even the presence of The Rock can’t stop the audience from hating the multi-time WrestleMania main eventer.

The Rock

In 2015, the company decided to give The Tribal Chief a massive push as a top babyface star of WWE. However, that sudden push was not accepted by the fans. The former Big Dog had won the Royal Rumble match of 2015 with the help of The Rock, as The Hollywood star save his brother from the beat down of Kane & Big Show known as The Authority.

As soon as Roman eliminated Rusev aka Miro, the venue started booing Roman Reigns with their full energy, even the presence of The People’s champion doesn’t help at all to reduce the negative reactions.

‘The Brahma Bull’ left the arena fuming following the event

The actions of The Brahma Bull made fans fume after the whole event. Even being underground, the crowd didn’t expect the push of Roman Reigns. WWE clearly made the move of The People’s Champion to elevate Roman towards a WrestleMania main eventer, however, it seems like things didn’t go as planned.

The Rock

The heat that the Big Dog generated at that time is a clear indication that fans didn’t want the heroic character of Reigns. However, currently, The Tribal chief is a heel character and also your Undisputed Champion. Since turning heel, Roman achieved multiple carrier achievements including 1000+ champions in WWE. The character of The Tribal Chief also elevates Reigns to become one of the biggest draws of the modern era in the history of WWE.

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