Ex-UFC double champ Conor McGregor boasts on “100% striking accuracy” record amid battling r*pe allegations

Conor McGregor has achieved incredible levels of success in the UFC, making it challenging to keep count of the numerous records he has set throughout his remarkable journey with the organization.

With a lethal left hand and exceptional charisma, Conor experienced an unparalleled ascent in the UFC. The Irish fighter burst onto the scene with explosive force, leaving a lasting impact.

Following a victorious debut, McGregor faced his toughest challenge yet in the form of Max Holloway, resulting in a breathtaking display of skill and entertainment.

Top 3 records Conor McGregor holds in UFC

McGregor’s record for the highest number of top-selling pay-per-view (PPV) events in the UFC is likely to remain unchallenged for a long time. ‘The Notorious’ has been the main attraction in five out of the six highest-selling PPV events in the history of the UFC.

Despite concerns that his popularity might decline after losses, it has been proven wrong so far.

Conor currently holds the UFC record for the quickest knockout in a title fight. The highly anticipated matchup between McGregor and Jose Aldo received significant media attention.

In December 2015, McGregor achieved the ‘unimaginable’ by delivering a knockout blow to Aldo in a remarkably short amount of time, setting a new record.

Conor has become synonymous with ticket sales in the UFC. The superstar fighter holds the distinction of having achieved the top three highest-grossing gates in the history of the organization.

Once again, the Irish UFC star finds himself making headlines for unfortunate reasons. Recently, an unnamed woman has come forward, accusing McGregor of sexual assault during Game 4 of the 2023 NBA Finals in Miami.

Conor McGregor

Update on Conor McGregor’s ongoing r*pe allegations case

TMZ Sports released a video showing McGregor leading the alleged victim by her hand and escorting her toward the restroom at the Kaseya Center. Following the conclusion of the game.

According to the victim’s lawyer, Ariel Mitchell, the NBA and Miami Heat security guards reportedly coerced her client into the bathroom. Where McGregor allegedly proceeded to commit multiple acts of sexual assault against her.

In response to the viral video depicting McGregor’s interaction with the alleged victim. His attorney Barbara R. Llanes issued the following statement:

“After the video was released by TMZ, the claimant’s lawyer now has changed her story. Mr. McGregor welcomes the investigation. Which he firmly believes will show the claims against him are false. After not responding to the demand for money made by claimant’s counsel. She turned to the media to apply pressure. This is no more than a shakedown.”

As reported by ESPN, the Miami Police Department has initiated an investigation into the incident and has transferred the case to its special victims unit.

McGregor’s representatives maintain a strong belief that the accusations made by the alleged victim are unfounded, expressing confidence in a prompt and satisfactory resolution to the matter.

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