NBA Trade Report: Three-time NBA champion JaVale McGee joining Kings on a one-year, minimum $3 million contract

The latest addition to the Sacramento Kings roster this season would be the 35-year-old veteran of the game, JaVale McGee. McGee has reportedly signed with the Sacramento Kings as a free agent and on a one-year minimum, $3 million contract. The Kings fans are happy with this addition to the roster as they severely needed a backup center.

JaVale McGee is a very successful experienced center. He is a three-time NBA champion and has played in a variety of teams and tactics throughout his career. McGee fulfills his role as an excellent center as he is good at blocking shots, taking rebounds, and is a good passer. This big man may be the solution to Kings under the Ring problems but it’s an answer we will know with time.

Sacramento Kings signing ex-Warriors champion JaVale McGee

The signing of JaVale McGee was reported by Shams Charania (an NBA Insider) through a post on X (formerly Twitter). The last time McGee won the championship was with the Los Angeles Lakers in the year 2020. He has also won two other championships in the years 2017 and 2018 both with the Golden State Warriors.

This season will be McGee’s 16th season and the Sacramento Kings will be his 10th team in the NBA. McGee is a popular personality in the NBA, off the court he is known for his outgoing personality and his sense of humor. Overall the fans are happy with this signing and are hoping that the veteran would be able to perform and fulfill their expectations of him.

Which role Kings want JaVale McGee to fill?

The Sacramento Kings we lacking severely in their options for big men who play under the ring. This left them with a vulnerable spot through the 2022-23 season but they might have found an answer to that problem in JaVale McGee. It is not guaranteed that the new big man would solve all their problems under the ring but the decorated career of the veteran can lead to some expectations.

JaVale McGee

JaVale Mcgee has a career average of 1.7 blocks per game and with a 7’0″ frame he can be the much-needed defensive anchor for the Sacramento Kings. He will mostly be backing up other centers off the bench and making an impact during the game. The veteran big man will also be very beneficial for the young centers of the Kings. With his experience and guidance, he can teach the youngsters and improve their skill level. McGee will be playing with young talents like Neemiaas Queta and All-NBA star Domantus Sabonis.

What do you think of this signing by the Sacramento Kings? Do you this JaVale McGee will be the solution for Kings and have an impact? We are eager to know your opinions on this one, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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