“Needs thicker skin”: Fans drive former champion Cora Jade off Twitter amid NXT frustration

Cora Jade is a very skilled wrestler. She has gotten a good number of fans because of her great performances in the NXT women’s division. She has only one aim on her mind and that is to be the face of NXT.

As a wrestler, Jade has been part of several big fights that have only solidified her status as a wrestler to the fans. Her passion for the sport has made her a fan-favorite star. At NXT Great American Bash Premium Live Event she was not included. It saddened her and she complained about it too. 

Cora Jade announces Twitter account deletion on IG story

After not being able to be part of the Great American Bash Premium Live Event Cora Jade was frustrated. Many haters of her also made fun of her on Twitter. This irritated her to the point where she had to delete her Twitter account. Many fans were worried about the sudden deletion of the account. 

Cora Jade

Jade later uploaded an Instagram story to her official account and explained why she suddenly deleted her Twitter account. It was ultimately due to all of her haters, whom she called morons.

Deleted Twitter because hearing the opinions of you morons every day honestly makes me lose brain cells. Catch me on IG only.”- Cora Jade quoted.

Jade seemingly disappointed following the Great American Bash snub

Cora Jade’s final post on Twitter indicated her lack of inclusion in NXT Premium Live Events. The lengthy absence on Premium Live Events was expressed by Jade herself, who wrote the following in a tweet before deleting her account:

“I remember when I was on a PLE in April of 2022 🤘🏻”- Cora Jade quoted.

The last time she was on a major show for the NXT was at the 2022 “Stand & Deliver show” during WrestleMania weekend. The tweet was met with huge criticism from some wrestling fans.

It is certainly sad to see a talented wrestler like Cora Jade getting such negativity from fans on social media. it’s reasonable that she deleted her official Twitter account.

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