Nets star Kevin Durant backs up RB Giovani Bernard after his testy media interaction

Giovani Bernard for Tampa Bay Buccaneers was struggling against the Bengals and admitted his fault on 19 December, 2022. Kevin Durant backs up RB Giovani Bernard following media communication.

Giovani Bernard, a running back for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, made a terrible mistake in their defeat to the Cincinnati Bengals last week. While attempting a fake punt, Bernard fumbled the snap, which resulted in a loss that Tampa Bay couldn’t overcome.

While it is customary for players to speak to the media after games, there are some inappropriate questions that reporters should never ask them. ESPN reporter Jenna Laine tweeted a very awkward video of herself and other reporters treating Bernard poorly in the locker room.

The running back handled it well, but this was an unacceptable display of media entitlement and contempt. Star player for the Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant, chimed in on the video’s reception on Twitter, where it remains a hot topic.

Durant first responded by praising Bernard’s professionalism despite being mistreated. In subsequent Tweets in response to mentions, Durant continued his criticism of the media, saying that although there are excellent individuals who cover sports because they like it, the “spoiled, entitled clickbait media” is something that the sports universe could do without.


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