Controversial kickboxer Andrew Tate explains why Khabib Nurmagomedov managed to beat Conor McGregor at UFC 229

Internet personality Andrew Tate has been talking about various topics lately. No wonder he even talked about Khabib Nurmagomedov and his historic victory over Conor McGregor at UFC 229.

Andrew Tate always likes to stay relevant on the internet no matter what. This could happen either through weird activities or through making controversial comments. He even has a thing or two to say regarding Khabib’s win against Conor.

Kickboxer Tate shared some of his personal thoughts on this iconic rivalry. Despite having occurred four years ago, the fight is still regarded as the best UFC event to date. Khabib with no surprise won the bout against Conor.

Tate believes that Khabib’s lifestyle played a significant part in his victory over Conor. Khabib tends to be polite, religious, and humble while Conor has always been aggressive, talkative, and desperate. Tate thinks this is where The Eagle had an advantage over The Notorious.

Khabib vs Conor
Khabib fighting against Conor in UFC 229

“To be good at fighting. You must be a dork. When I say be a dork, it means you must be all in the world you care about. You cannot care about p*ssy, you could not care even about money. And Conor McGregor cares about other stuff, cares about showing off. He cares about being famous. He cares about girls, cares about parties,” said Tate.

Other than a composed mindset and strong personality, Tate also focused on Khabib’s religious beliefs which he thinks also played a crucial role in this case. Khabib has been known as a practicing Muslim. He trained hard and believed in his Lord. According to Tate, this must have worked fine for him.

“And this Khabib guy, I knew Khabib was gonna win. Khabib is a strict Muslim. I believe in the power of Allah. Train Allah. Train Allah. Train Allah” 

Khabib would not be interested in parties, clubs, or women like Conor. In contrast to McGregor, all of this created a great space in his mind only to focus on the fight.

”There’s nothing else to his life. Do you want to go spend millions of dollars? No. You want to go to the club? No. Do you want girls? No. Train and Allah. That’s it. How the f*** you gonna beat that guy? He’s the best,” Tate furher added.

Andrew Tate may have talked about so many aspects which never made sense to the netizens. Fans of Khabib, though, might not completely disagree with him this time around.

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