NFL analyst adds fuel to conspiracy theory on Jets QB Aaron Rodgers faking Achilles tear

Aaron Rodgers’ remarkably swift Achilles injury recovery has sparked doubts given short repercussion period. The quarterback was seen walking normally and throwing footballs over 50 yards just two months after the injury. His recent appearance, however, has sparked more speculations among fans.

Traditionally, Achilles tear recoveries in sports have taken around six months, yet Rodgers aimed for a return in just three to four months. This rapid recovery has fueled conspiracy theories, with an NFL analyst contributing to the ongoing speculations surrounding his injury.

NFL analyst talks Aaron Rodgers faking Achilles tear

Many people in the NFL believe that Aaron Rodgers never had any injury. It was all scripted because there is no way a person can recover from an Achilles tear that soon.

Recently, on The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz, the producer and the team shared a similar stance. They believe that the QB can make a return this season because he never had any injury and it was all a lie.

Billy “Gil” Guillermo, one of the producers on the show started this conspiracy discussion by mentioning, “Is it crazy to wonder if he (Aaron Rodgers) never actually tore his Achilles? Is a doctor going to come out and say he’s a liar?”

Although, this theory sounds crazy, it is perhaps not impossible. The QB has been constantly surprising everyone with his fast recovery. Pat McAfee also shared that Rodgers had a medicine-defying recovery. Then, when the QB was spotted throwing 55+ yards, it turned from amazement to suspicion.

But the executive producer of the show challenged the idea of Billy and stated that they had witnessed the injury denying the idea that it was fake, “We saw it snap.”

Aaron Rodgers
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Many people on the show disagreed with him with the notion that it could be AI-generated or that you can’t trust everything you see on the Internet. 

The leading voice of the show, Dan LeBatard then added that this conspiracy theory of Aaron Rodgers going into the darkness retreat and realizing he wants to make a comeback is more outrageous than the one about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship being fake to drive viewership

“That is a great theory… I’d be willing to seriously put out the conspiracy theory, better than the theory that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce is a propaganda concoction by the NFL to drive ratings, to throw out the conspiracy theory that Aaron Rodgers, since he went into the darkness retreat, all he found in the darkness is, ‘I must come back hellbent on beating science.”

Overall, this theory suggests that Rodgers never tore his Achilles and faked the injury, possibly as part of a dramatic comeback story, but these are purely speculative ideas and not confirmed facts.

Derwin James talked to Aaron Rodgers about his return date

Amid all these speculations and rumors, the quarterback has also confirmed his return. Recently, Aaron Rodgers appeared in the game of the Jets against the Chargers.

Aaron Rodgers
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The QB was seen walking without crutches and not even limping but he didn’t play. He was there just to watch the game.

After the game, the quarterback met the Chargers defensive back Derwin James who asked him about his return, “When are you coming back?”

To which Rodgers replied, “Give me a few weeks.” 

He had surgery just 8 weeks ago and now he is ready to make a comeback within a few weeks which has raised more speculations about his injury being fake. But fans are also excited for the star QB’s return. 

Whether it was all scripted or not, the only thing fans are looking forward to is how effective Rodgers’ comeback will be and whether he will be able to lead his team to the playoffs or not.

What is your take on this matter? Do let us know in the comments.

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