NFL community donates $110,000 to Tyler Bass’ cat rescue charity amid scary death threats

After a challenging game against the Chiefs, Bills kicker Tyler Bass endured a distressing aftermath, prompting him to deactivate his social media accounts. However, amidst the adversity, a heartening response emerged from fans eager to support the athlete. 

Opting for a distinctive approach, these fans rallied behind Tyler Bass by channeling their encouragement into charitable donations. This unique gesture exemplified a positive and constructive response from the football community.

NFL fans contribute $110,000 to Tyler Bass’ cat rescue charity

After the Bills vs Chiefs game, Tyler Bass faced severe criticism. In response to the online harassment, the kicker deactivated his social media accounts within the last two days.

Ten Lives Club, a cat rescue group in Western New York, expressed support for the kicker through social media. They condemned the threats and initiated a donation campaign in his name to counteract the negativity.

“WE STAND WITH TYLER BASS. DON’T BULLY OUR FRIEND,” the organization wrote in a Facebook post. “Tyler doesn’t deserve any of the hate he’s receiving. He’s an excellent football player and an even better person who took the time to help our organization and rescue cats last year. Leave our friend alone.”

Tyler Bass
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Fans responded positively, contributing over $110,000 to the Ten Lives Club in the kicker’s name. The $22 increment donations, likely referencing his jersey number (No. 2), became a notable feature of the campaign.

Tyler Bass has been partnering with Ten Lives Club since 2022, promoting the organization through an Instagram post. 

Kimberly LaRussa from the Ten Lives Club highlighted the kicker’s affection for cats, emphasizing that everyone in the organization supports him.

Despite the negative incident, fans rallied positively, donating over $100,000 to Ten Lives Club in just 48 hours. This response became the most substantial amount the cat adoption center had raised in such a short period.

Tyler Bass received death threats after missed FG

Tyler Bass missed a crucial 44-yard field goal in the game against the Chiefs, which could have tied the score. This missed kick gave the Chiefs the opportunity to win the AFC Championship Game.

The Bills fans were disappointed and took all their frustration out on the kicker. Bass was himself disappointed and other players tried to uplift him but some Bills fans reacted negatively, lacking sympathy for the kicker’s situation. 

Tyler Bass received death threats on social media, leading him to delete his social media accounts. Bills head coach Sean McDermott and general manager Brandon Beane publicly supported the kicker.

Tyler Bass
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McDermott, who claimed earlier that they will win Super Bowl this year, expressed confidence in Bass’ dedication. Beane reassured his faith in the kicker, highlighting his past contributions and stating that one kick doesn’t change their view of him.

“I gave [Bass] a hug after the game and just told him, listen, I know he wants that kick back more than anybody,” Beane added. “And he’s done a lot of good things. He’s won games. He’s tied games. He’s made big kicks for us. And one kick doesn’t change how I view him, how we view him, his teammates view him. … I don’t think there’s a player or staff member that I’ve heard that doubts Tyler Bass.”

Amid the death threats, many Bills fans also showed support for Tyler Bass on social media, which is evident by these donations. The support from fans and the positive response from Ten Lives Club became noteworthy aspects in the aftermath of this disappointing incident for Tyler Bass.

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