NFL fans furious over Rihanna for smelling her fingers after touching crotch during Super Bowl LVII halftime show

The Super Bowl halftime show is a big deal and this year, Rihanna graced the stage. She performed some of her greatest hits, but it was one risky move that had people talking. As she was singing “Rude Boy,” she grabbed her crotch and appeared to smell and taste her fingers. Social media went wild with people questioning if she had really done that.

The performance lasted 13 minutes and included some of Rihanna’s most popular songs. She even revealed that she is pregnant with her second child, which sent social media into a frenzy. Fans speculated about her pregnancy, and later her reps confirmed the news.

Despite the excitement around her pregnancy announcement, Rihanna’s crotch grab and an apparent taste test of her fingers were still a major topic of conversation. Many social media users commented on the move, with some finding it vulgar and others simply surprised by it.

Although the reaction to Rihanna’s crotch grab and pregnancy news was mixed, one thing is for sure: her performance was truly epic. The pop icon showed off her incredible talent and proved why she’s one of the most popular artists in the world.

Overall, Rihanna’s halftime show was a huge success, with the singer making headlines for both her impressive musical talent and her surprising personal news.

While the crotch grab may have been a controversial moment, it’s clear that Rihanna knows how to put on a show that people will remember for years to come.



9 thoughts on “NFL fans furious over Rihanna for smelling her fingers after touching crotch during Super Bowl LVII halftime show”

  1. Her performance was disgusting—just trying to regain her market. How does this awful demonstration of touching/licking help the NFL? Enough of her for me!

  2. I thought her crotch grabbing was crude to say the least. Definitely not family entertainment. Shame on you Rihanna. Your supposed to be setting an example for your children.

  3. It was disturbing to my husband & I. Children were watching this performance. How do you explain to them what she had done. The entire performance was a turnoff to us.


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