NFL fans trash Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes’ brother Jackson for riding cowgirl in thong on Mechanical Bull

Patrick Mahomes’ brother Jackson Mahomes is amongst the headlines once again. Now you may wonder, the Kansas City Chiefs just won the Super Bowl, and he would be celebrating with his brother, so it is quite natural for him to be in the spotlight. Well.. yes, the first half of the story is true. However, Jackson is not making headlines for partying with his brother. 

The 22-year-old is already one of the most hated people in the NFL. Even though he is just living his life, fans do not really seem bothered by his actions. Yet, fans must understand that he is young and just having fun like any other youngster, so he should be left alone. 

However, here we are again. What did the youngster do this time? You may ask. Patrick Mahomes’ brother Jackson is once again making headlines for his mind-boggling TikTok videos, where he is riding a mechanical bull.

What did Patrick Mahomes’ brother do to make the NFL fans angry?

Jackson Mahomes is having “the time of his life!” Especially after the Chiefs won their second Super Bowl in four years. The 22-year-old could be spotted photo bombing behind his brother while the Chiefs were in their victory parade.

However, what caught most fans’ eyes was when Jackson shared his mechanical bull-riding video on TikTok. 

The youngster could be spotted with a girl wearing a thong and chaps. As of today, the video has over thirteen thousand likes and over a thousand shares.

The video also has over seven hundred comments, most of which came from NFL fans who seemed outraged by the 22-year-olds actions. On the other hand, many of his followers were shocked.

A person wrote in the comments, “ENOUGH JACKSON ENOUGH.”

While another NFL referring to Patrick Mahomes- who had an ankle injury while playing in the Super Bowl- wrote, “broke my ankle running to the comments.”

NFL fans should not hate the 22-year-old. He is just a guy trying to live his life. If fans continue to bully him around like this, he might have major issues with his mental state in the future. So, as NFL fans, we should leave him alone!

What is your take on Jackson Mahomes? You can share your opinion in the comments. 


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