NFL GOAT Tom Brady sheds light on hilarious competition with son Jack, challenges him to first basketball victory

Tom Brady is not only one of the greatest NFL players in history but also a doting father. He has shared multiple times that for him his children are his biggest inspirations. Recently, he took to social media and shed light on the hilarious competition with his son Jack, challenging him to his first basketball victory. 

This funny banter has captured the hearts of the fans shedding light on the heartwarming bond between father and son. In this article, we’ll have a look at what Brady said about his son and the sort of bond they share.

Hilarious banter between Tom Brady and Son

On Sunday, the NFL GOAT treated his followers to a candid snapshot featuring himself and his teenage son, Jack. It was a casual picture of both father and son standing side by side.

Accompanying the image was Brady‘s playful caption, which humorously revealed their ongoing competition on the basketball court. 

Tom Brady

The seven-time Super Bowl champion teased his son, expressing his hopes of achieving his first victory against his father, accompanied by laughing emojis that showcased the lighthearted nature of their relationship.

“Growing up too fast Jackie, but … still looking for the first 🏀 win against me 🤣🤣🤣.”

How old is Tom Brady’s first child?

His first child, John “Jack” Edward Thomas Moynahan, has reached the age of 15. Reflecting on his journey into fatherhood, Brady shared a heartfelt sentiment in a promotional video for his brand. 

“When my son Jack was born in 2007, my life changed forever. Nothing is more important to me than being a father,” the NFL GOAT said.

Tom Brady

“As much as things changed when Jack was born, when Benny came along in 2009, he brought so much joy to my life. And then when Vivi was born in 2012, those three are my biggest inspirations. I try to go out there every day to make them proud.”

It is clear that Brady not only excels in the NFL but also is a great father. His recent post with Jack shows the friendly relationship he shares with his children. He is also taking new roles as the minority owner of the Raiders and sports analyst with the Fox.

Too often we see many athletes lose themselves in fame and fortune. It is quite inspiring to see a high-level athlete like Brady, be such a great role despite all the pressure he likely has to sustain in his day-to-day life.

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