UFC community expresses frustration over Conor McGregor’s silence on USADA issue, avoidance of Michael Chandler fight

There has been a lot of speculations regarding Conor McGregor’s much-awaited UFC return and at this point, his refusal to join the USADA pool seems to be enraging MMA fans, including his own ardent supporters.

Over two years have passed since the Irish UFC fighter suffered a catastrophic leg fracture when facing Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. Following his recovery, McGregor had intended to fight Chandler in the Octagon, which Dana White had announced earlier this year.

McGregor’s comeback battle, according to the UFC President, will be a spectacular show captivating millions of MMA fans worldwide. If the fight ever happens, according to Dana, it will likely take place somewhere like Dallas Texas Stadium or Madison Square Garden. 

UFC fanbase upset with Conor McGregor’s quietness on USADA situation

Fans were super excited when the Conor McGregor fight against Michael Chandler was announced. Considering ‘Iron’s recent streak of losses, the Irish could stand a chance in a hard-hitting battle.

Many MMA fans took to the comment section of Twitter to express their dissatisfaction regarding the Irishman. As the former two-division UFC champion has been awkwardly silent regarding this particular issue, fans are expecting him to open up and say something. Ibrahim, for instance, said, “Conor address the USADA situation.” 

McGregor, who last fought in UFC 264 against ‘The Diamond’, hasn’t shown anything positive regarding his fight against Chandler. Daniel Jeffries seems to ask for the masses when he commented, “When’s your next fight in ufc ??” 

Will Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler Ever Happen?

Given how things have developed over the last four months, it now seems unlikely that the fight will occur. Even while USADA keeps pressuring the former lightweight champion to participate in the testing pool, The Notorious is still refusing. 

Conor will not be permitted to fight unless he re-enrolls and has a minimum of two clean results in six months. However, McGregor is currently the subject of discussion over a different matter, and this time, the Irish celebrity is the subject of charges of sexual assault.

In light of the recent controversy surrounding McGregor, who has been accused of sexual harassment, Arman Tsarukyan intends to fight Michael Chandler as Conor’s replacement.

Are you still hopeful that McGregor and Chandler will square off in the octagon after all the confusion and controversies? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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