Clark Haggans’ BLACK OUT paints spire far above typical NFL players, revealing the paint purpose following the demise of NFL XL winner

The NFL community mourns the loss of Clark Haggans. He was a former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker. Known for his significant impact on the field he was also a member of the Super Bowl XL Championship. Besides these on-field contributions, he also made many off-field contributions.

In this article we delve deeper into his contributions to Black Out Child Abuse Campaign and why he used to wear black paint under his eyes. As we reflect on Haggans’ legacy, it is important to understand the significance of his wearing black paint under his eyes. 

Clark Haggans’ support to Black Out Child 

Clark Haggans was the first NFL player to lend his support to the Black Out Child Abuse Campaign.  The Black Out Child campaign aimed to raise awareness against child abuse in the sports world.

Owing to alcohol abuse, unhappy marriages, and a lack of proper parenting skills, many children go through horrifying incidents. In an effort to draw attention to the campaign, Haggans began using black paints under his eyes during games.

Why NFL Players Use Black Paints Under Their Eyes

Typically, NFL players apply eye black, which can be in the form of grease or strips, to reduce glare caused by bright sunlight or stadium floodlights. It has become a common practice for NFL players to use black paint under their eyes. 

Clark Haggans

However, Clark Haggans elevated this practice to a whole new level by utilizing black paints for a specific purpose—to symbolize his support for the Black Out Child Abuse Campaign. 

By doing so, he went beyond the conventional use of eye black and used it as a means to communicate a powerful message.

Haggan passes away at 46

Clark Haggans played for the Steelers from 2000-2007 and earned a Super Bowl ring with the Steelers in Super Bowl XL against the Seattle Seahawks. He passed away at the age of 46.  The cause of his death is unknown as of now but he has left a big void in the NFL world. 

Clark Haggans

Beyond his accomplishments as a professional athlete, he will be remembered for his unwavering support of the Black Out Child Abuse Campaign. His use of black paint under his eyes during games served as a visible reminder of the importance of addressing child abuse within the sports community. 

Haggans used his influence and platform to raise awareness and advocate for change, demonstrating the potential for athletes to make a significant impact off the field.

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