NFL Trade News: Steelers cut ties with WR Anthony Miller, strengthen defense by signing ex-Bear LB Nick Kwiatkoski

It is time for Anthony Miller to look for a new home following his release from the Steelers on June 21. The professional footballer has played with three dominating NFL teams to this day including the Chicago Bears, Houston Texans, and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Although he had an impressive start in his rookie season catching seven TDs and a career-high 656 yards, he failed to maintain a grip on his winning streak in the following years. After hitting free agency this June, he seems to be on the search for a new destination with juvenile spirits to rectify his athletics.

WR Anthony Miller’s released from Steelers

The news of Miller’s leaving the Steelers came on Tuesday, 21st June. The team issued a tweet on this news on their official Twitter account. Just this January, the receiver shook his hands with the league in a one-year contract extension but Steelers cut ties with him almost in the mid-way before the deal could hit full term.

Well, considering the sudden descent of the news, it didn’t come as a shocking blow. Because just a day earlier of the declaration, the former Memphis player himself took to Twitter to post a comment where he said, “ Thank you Pittsburgh”.

It made sense at that moment that he was about to close down his chapter with the team. Moreover, many Steelers fans anticipated that a move like this was on its way. Miller, who joined the squad in 2021 was almost out for the entire 2022 season for his shoulder injury.

With great expectation and hope, the Pittsburgh Steelers welcomed the 2018 NFL draft into their circle. But the footballer sprinkling cold water on the team’s desire failed miserably. So, the NFL clique found it wise to turn their face from the 28-year-old receiver.

Steelers bolster the defense by signing ex-Bear LB Nick Kwiatkoski

After closing the door behind Miller’s back, the team was ready to give a cordial welcome to Linebacker Nick Kwiatkoski into their squad. The footballer is a former Chicago Bears member and played for four seasons with the team.

This summer, he and Steelers started a fresh collaboration based on a one-year deal. Nick belongs to Pittsburgh and Steelers is his hometown team. So, he seems very excited at the opportunity to perform from his native squad.

Do you think acquiring Nick will be a winning bargain for the Pittsburgh Steelers? Let us know what your thoughts are.

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