Kickboxer Andrew Tate officially faces charges of r**e, human trafficking, and organized crime involving exploitation of women

Andrew Tate has been accused of rape, human trafficking, and forming an organization to engage in sexual exploitation of women two months after his release from prison. A Romanian court now has 60 days to review the case files before it can be sent for trial. 

Tate was detained earlier in December for the first time in his five-year residence in Romania. Since April 2022, Romanian police have been looking into the contentious online personality.

A Romanian court accepted the internet influencer’s release request after he spent four months in jail in Bucharest, albeit he was still placed under house arrest until further notice.

Andrew Tate officially charged with r**e, human trafficking, exploitation of women

Many women came forward to accuse Andrew Tate of violent crimes they claim he committed against them in the past after his prior arrest. Romanian authorities raised charges of rape and human trafficking, which have not yet been proven against the Tate brothers. 

The contentious online persona became well-known on social media for promoting ‘misogynistic ideologies’. At one point, the former kickboxing world champion was banned from multiple social media platforms. 

‘Cobra,’ his brother Tristan, and two other women were detained previously after being charged with a variety of offenses, including rape, money laundering, human trafficking, and organized crime. 

Andrew Tate releases video of him discussing his future

Yesterday, just before getting charged with rape and human trafficking, ‘Top G’ posted a video on his Twitter account explaining what is likely going to happen next. 

Tate, apparently predicted how he’ll be charged and what the authority is going to do with him. The former kickboxing champion has been discussing ‘The Matrix’ in many of his speeches.

According to him, the ‘Matrix’ is a cabal of powerful people who want to control and subjugate the masses using their vast wealth and power. Tate claimed to be at war against everything this group stands for, making himself a target in the process.

The media team working on behalf of Andrew Tate and his brother made a statement saying, “While this news is undoubtedly predictable, we embrace the opportunity it presents to demonstrate their innocence and vindicate their reputation.”

The statement also shared that this arrest warrant will allow the Tate brothers to present a comprehensive body of evidence that is diligently collected and prepared over time to substantiate the brothers’ claims of innocence.

What do you think will happen to Andrew Tate this time around? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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