Andrew Tate drops sharp two-word attack in response to Kim Kardashian’s ‘lights-off girl’ remarks prompts backlash: “sharing is don’t caring”

Following his release from prison, Andrew Tate is slowly reclaiming his prior reputation of constantly being in the spotlight for making ‘outrageous’ remarks. With a simple two-word Twitter response, the online influencer caught Kim Kardashian’s attention this time. 

Since December, Top G and his brother Tristan have been in detention. A Romanian court accepted the internet influencer’s bail request in April after he had spent four months in a prison at Bucharest, enabling him to get back to being active on Twitter. 

Kim Kardashian’s comments provoke Andrew Tate’s two-word answer

The American media figure Kim Kardashian most recently shared a contentious statement that caught the attention of internet surfers. The star of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” admitted that she’s a ‘light’s off’ girl in the bedroom. 

‘Cobra’ who previously shared multiple controversial comments on women, took the chance to mock Kim. The former kickboxing world champion shared a tweet regarding Kim’s statement captioning, ‘Don’t Care.’

Misogynistic influencer Andrew Tate’s statement outraged fans

Kardashian has been a well-known figure on social media for about 20 years now. Tate’s effect on the younger generation, however, has also grown significantly in recent years due to the beliefs he conveyed about women, lifestyle, and other facets of human life. 

Tate’s ‘Don’t Care’ remark this time, however, infuriated Kim’s admirers as well as Twitter users because it demonstrated his dualistic nature. Why would the 36-year-old internet influencer share the tweet in the first place if he really didn’t care? 

Some users left remarks Since Tate tweeted this, he must have cared somewhat, and other users felt Tate shouldn’t have shared the tweet expressing what he thinks as ‘sharing is don’t caring.’ 

Do you anticipate Kim Kardashian responding in any way to Andrew Tate’s comments, or will she simply ignore Top G? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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