NFL legend Tom Brady sends inspirational message to $3.8 million Nil – earner Shedeur Sanders after Colorado’s upset win vs TCU

Tom Brady has served as a stellar icon for the entire sporting world. The GOAT of the game continues to be one of the most influential figures in the history of NFL and the ultimate source of motivation to an entire generation of youngsters.

Brady retired earlier this year but remains a loyal spectator of the sport. As Colorado Buffaloes’ Shedeur Sanders amazed the world with his standout performance against TCU, Tom Brady sent some words of inspiration for the college athlete.

Tom Brady sends inspirational message to Shedeur Sanders after Colorado ’s upset win against TCU 

The Colorado Buffaloes secured a vigilant victory against TCU with newly appointed coach and hall-of-famer Deion Sanders at the helm. His son, Shedeur Sanders dazzled the field with a standout performance in his team’s victory.

Despite being underdogs, the Buffaloes came out with a win and Shedeur is being hailed as a hero. On the occasion, Tom Brady texted the 21-year-old with an inspirational message. 

“Don’t get satisfied.”, Brady wrote. 

Clearly, Tom Brady wants the young Quarterback to strive harder in his career. Perhaps, the retired NFL star is warning Shedeur Sanders to look out for more competition ahead and that there will be tougher matches to be won.

Shedeur Sanders expects to earn $3,800,000 through NIL this season

Shedeur Sanders expects to earn $3,800,000 through NIL this season which is even more than Dak Prescott’s base salary for context! The youngster has drawn wide attention while only being in college and is one of the projected top picks in future NFL drafts.

However, it is important to note that his stocks have raised significantly since the Colorado Buffaloes secured their victory against TCU. His current NIL deals with renowned outlets like Mercedes-Benz, Beats by Dre, Under Armor and Gatorade amount to over $2.5 million more as of now. Although Shedeur had been earning from NIL deals even back when he was at Jackson State, the young QB is expected to make even more now that he has become a star for the Colorado Buffaloes.

The young quarterback stunned the world with his impressive performance completing 37 pass attempts for a school-record 510 yards and four touchdowns with zero interceptions recently. Given his wide popularity, it is no surprise even NFL greats like Tom Brady is noticing the youngster.

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