Bears’ Byron Pringle Endangering his Child, Arrested for Recklessly Driving in Florida with a Suspended License

Chicago Bears star wide receiver, Byron Pringle has been arrested! Byron was doing “donuts” in his sports car on the road while his child was in the backseat! This is the second arrest in Pringle’s career with the first coming in 2019.

Byron was found to have a suspended driving license and was “confrontational” with the police during the arrest. But there has been no mention of alcohol being involved in the incident.

Byron could face charges of child endangerment among others. His car, a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is a very powerful sports car. Any miscalculation during the dangerous stunt could have been fatal for him and the child.

Reports say that there was another passenger in the car as well, and the identity of that person remains unconfirmed.

Byron Pringle is a former 4x NFL pro. After being undrafted out of college, Pringle joined the Kansas Chiefs. He recently moved to the Chicago Bears, In March 2022.

Pringle won the Super bowl in 2019 while playing for the Kansas City Chiefs. In his NFL career so far, he has made 50 receptions and 6 receiving touchdowns.

Byron Pringle stands in at 6’1 and 203 pounds, he is a wrecking ball on the football field. Byron is set to have a flourishing career as he is just 28 years old.

But this latest incident is set to put a blemish in the young athlete’s record, although his motives of endangering child to perform street stunts in still unknown, Byron has a past criminal record.

He was arrested back in 2019 for off-field incidents including firing a pellet gun at the public, burglary, and robbery. With his troubled past and latest arrest, Byron Pringle is set to become a controversial figure in the NFL in the days to come.

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