Broncos’ Jerry Jeudy Released on Bond after Mother of His Child Drops Charges

Denver Broncos wide receiver and NFL star Jerry Jeudy has been released from Police custody after the mother of his child dropped charges she brought against him. Jerry was released on bond after the case was withdrawn.

He was charged with misdemeanor second-degree criminal tampering. Apparently, Jeudy had locked personal items of his girlfriend in his car after she had taken his phone from him. The items included his girlfriend’s wallet, car seat, and baby formula for their child together.

Jeudy had to spend one night in jail due to the charges. But the victim, Jeudy’s long-time girlfriend said that she did not receive any physical harm from him. Nor did she ever feel threatened. Sports journalist Adam Schefter tweeted explaining the situation:

It seems that no restraining or stay-away order was issued for Jerry Jeudy, as there was no physical violence from the athlete. It seems that a lover’s spat escalated to the point where Antoinette Tharp, Jeudy’s partner called the police in. 

Charges were dropped one day later by the girlfriend herself. She spoke to a judge and after explaining the situation to him, they were dropped and Jeudy was released from his overnight prison cell. 

Antoinette Tharp said that “things got crazy” after Jeudy locked her belongings in his car. She had to call the police from the neighbor’s phone just to get her things back. But did not want her boyfriend to be in any long-term legal trouble. Jerry Jeudy’s lawyer protested the fact that his client had to stay in a jail cell for an offense that did not include physical harm to the victim. 

Although Judy is out of custody, he might be investigated by the NFL for misconduct off the field. This might result in Jeudr receiving further penalties for his lover’s spat gone wrong.


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