NFL Trade News: Jaguars Pulls Out Massive Deal with Cam Robinson on 3 Year $45M Contract Extension Ahead of 2022 NFL Draft

The Jaguars have pulled out a massive contract extension amounting up to $45 million for left tackle Cam Robinson. This deal puts Robinson in contract with the team for the next three years. The contract extension was done in haste ahead of the 2022 NFL draft in fear of losing a star player.

The reports were made by NFL insider, Ian Rapoport on the show “From NFL Now”. Here’s a clip of Rapoport’s report on the newly developed situation:

Cam Robinson was initially drafted into the NFL in 2017, by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Robinson has remained with the team ever since.  Robinson’s start to life with the Jaguars was a rocky one as he suffered setbacks due to injury. He made his debut as a starting left tackle for the Jaguars.

Since then, Cam Robinson has been nothing short of a star for the Jacksonville team! But as his contract was running out, there were rumors that his replacement would be drafted by the Jaguars very soon. This contract extension firmly puts the rumors of his departure to bed. 

The Jaguars have been on a slump for the past few seasons. They have finished as the worst team in the NFL twice in a row. Thus getting the first pick of the draft.

Previously, Cam Robinson had the franchise tag put on him and he played out the remainder of the 2021 season. But this extended new contract puts him in a position of getting a much higher guaranteed salary.

With the contract situation seemingly resolved, Cam Robinson could be back to his very best. Robinson’s time with the Jaguars has been nothing short of dramatic. The franchise tag was put on Robinson as an emergency fix to keep him for another year.

As star quarterback Trevor Lawrence was drafted into the Jaguar’s team after Gardner Minshew, they needed reliable protection for him and Cam Robinson was the answer that they already had. This extension shows the intent of the Jaguars for the upcoming season.


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