2022 NFL Draft: Steelers’ Cameron Heyward’s Younger Brother Connor Heyward Eyes to Be Drafted in NFL and Continue Family Legacy

Connor Heyward has set his eyes on the NFL draft to follow in the footsteps of his brother and father, and continue their family legacy in the NFL.

With the NFL draft on the horizon, teams have set their sights on the best players coming out of college. One such player is Connor Heyward. The name Heyward is not new in the NFL, though. Connor’s elder brother Cameron has been with the Pittsburgh Steelers and has been selected for his fifth pro-bowl season. Their father is the late Craig Heyward who is an NFL great and was a draft pick for the Los Angeles Rams in 1988. He went on to play for 11 years in the league.

So why is Cameron being so hyped all of a sudden? Is it because of his family’s ties to the NFL? The short answer is No.

Cameron’s versatility is what has caught the attention of the teams in the NFL. He can play in a variety of positions. Connor transitioned from a powerhouse Running Back to a Tight End. He can also play as a Tight End.

Cameron played for the Michigan State team, but will now be hoping to join the big ballers in the NFL. When asked about his thoughts on the NFL Draft, he said, “Leaving Michigan State, leaving Lansing is hard, but I just wanna go down there and show that I can hang.”

Cameron’s performances in the NFL combine were fantastic as he showed great versatility. He showed all the tools that he needs to fit into different positions on the pitch.

Regarding his younger brother, Cameron Heyward said, ” Seeing my little brother, he has played in different positions- Tight End, Run Back, Full Back. He is a jack of all trades, and he just wants to be a good football player.”


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