NFL world urges commissioner Roger Goodell to be fired for mishandling Damar Hamlin incident

The game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills had to be put off because Bills’ safety Damar Hamlin was hurt in a scary way that could have killed him. The Bills’ defender took the full force of an opponent’s head hitting his chest while attempting to make a tackle. This caused his heart to stop.

The game couldn’t proceed anymore after the accident. The NFL released a statement about the postponement, which was initially deemed temporary.

What did Roger Goodell do?

As the Damar incident turned into a more distressing and troubling experience, the NFL seemed to continue the game. The players were in no shape to go to the pitch anymore, but with the pressure from officials, it became an ugly, inhumane proposition.

Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, however, didn’t ask the players to continue; he should be the one to bring support to the traumatized athletes and fans. The referee, Shawn Smith, was instructed to give five minutes to the players of both teams to warm up before resuming the game.

Why are NFL fans demanding the resignation of the commissioner?

With such insensitive and ridiculous action, fans are urging the commissioner’s resignation with the hashtag “Fire Roger Goodell” became trendy on Twitter.

The former NFL player said, “Its truly amazing to me that Roger Goodell didn’t come on with Buck and Aikman to make a statement and answer a few questions.”

The NFL’s executive vice president, Troy Vincent, criticized Goodell’s actions. That’s ridiculous. That’s insensitive. And that’s not a place that we should ever be in,” Vincent said, disgusted.

However, he cannot help but postpone the game at the teams’ request, despite the fact that the image has already been framed. The head coaches put the word directly through officials while Damar was taking him to the hospital. NFL world is full of disgrace with Roger Goodell.

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