Nick Kyrgios disputed ‘indulgence’ in a three-month court delay

Nick Kyrgios, an Australian professional tennis player, made headlines in 2014 when he upset Rafael Nadal and advanced to the Wimbledon quarterfinals, becoming the first male newcomer to do so since Florian Mayer in 2004.

However, most recently, the tennis superstar was charged by the law enforcement agency in Australia because of a physical torture complaint from one of his former girlfriends in Canberra.

Why did Nick Kyrgios argue with the court?

The “indulgence” of a November court date was denied to Nick Kyrgios after his lawyer requested a three-month delay because his client does not spend much time in the Canberra Territory.

The ACT (Australian Capital Territory) magistrates court heard Kyrgios’ case on Tuesday, after he was summoned to appear to face a charge of assaulting his former girlfriend, Chiara Passari in relation to an incident in Canberra on December, 2021.

Nick Kyrgios’ and ex-girlfriend Chiara Passari

On Tuesday, the case was heard in the ACT Magistrates Court because a magistrate has denied Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios’ request for a three-month delay in his assault case.

The 27-year-old was not present in court for the notice because he is still in United states before the US Open, but he was defined by Canberra solicitor Michael Kukulies-Smith, who requested that the matter be scheduled for November 25, on which he would file an application.

The charge is said to be related to an incident with his ex-girlfriend Chiara Passari, and Mr Kukulies-Smith would not reveal the nature of the application but stated that it would be capable of finalizing the matter and then he also stated that Kyrgios’ November date was appropriate because he spends “very little time in the ACT.”

However, magistrate Louise Taylor was unimpressed, stating that she was “not quite sure what the case for secrecy is” in relation to Mr Kukulies-anticipated Smith’s application.

The trial informed the court that they did not agree with Mr Kukulies-application Smith’s being kept secret and therefore, Kyrgios was accorded a six-week extension until October 4, when his lawyer will present evidence in support of his application.

The case stems from the world No.26’s defeat to Taylor Fritz in the final 16 of the Cincinnati Open.

Following Monday’s trial, Kyrgios told the media, “Obviously I have a lot of thoughts, a lot of things I want to say, kind of my side about it. Obviously I’ve been advised by my lawyers that I’m unable to say anything at this time.”


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