“Nothing will be enough” Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola slams critics as he anticipates tough UCL battle vs Leipzig

Pep Guardiola has slammed the critics before Manchester City’s awaiting UCL round of sixteen against RB Leipzig with claims spread as City has an easier team to beat and advancing to the next round is a piece of cake for them.

The Spanish-born manager is a perfectionist with the way his team played and we expect nothing less than that Maestro believed there is no single game that could be defined easily, especially with the stage they are in.

Guardiola is frustrated with the recent happenings around him and now people targeting his team are not likable to him at all as the manager was not hesitant to let his feeling pour on the press conference he attended today.

“I would say if my career finished tomorrow if I cannot be manager, I would be more than blessed with what I’ve done at Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and here,” Guardiola told reporters.

“I could never expect to have the career I had in a short time. Not just the success we had together over this period of 13, and 14 years, but for the fact the way we played. I couldn’t ask for more. We want to do our best, what’s going to happen is going to happen.

In the end, destiny is already written. We’ll do our best, we have been close.”- The Spaniard further added.

Manchester City will trip to the Red Bull Arena on February 22 for the crucial face and Guardiola is more than concerned as it won’t be easy to go there and dominate in front of packed and noisy home crowds.

But the tactical genius is ready to face whatever crosses their path as he believed the way they played football for so many years is exceptionally beautiful but somehow couldn’t pull off the desired silverware they are searching for.

“I had the feeling what we have done for many years, whatever happens, is going to fail. Whatever I do personally in the future I’m going to fail. Nothing will be enough.”- the Man City boss went off adding.

Pep Guardiola always has high optimism towards his team full of superstars and the former UCL Winner with Barcelona has urged people to enjoy the game and have fun while the Spaniard had suggested the downfall of Liverpool against Real Madrid too. Staggering astrologer!

“That’s why I enjoy it, have fun. After this press conference, I’ll have a good meal, good wine, watch Madrid vs Liverpool, Napoli is always a pleasure and then I’ll prepare for the game.”- Pep Guardiola concluded.


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