Novak Djokovic gets hope as political opponents bash Joe Biden’s “misguided” vaccination policy following travel ban

Novak Djokovic has already withdrawn from the BNP Paribas Open due to not being able to enter the USA unvaccinated. As things stand, he is also going to miss out on participating in the upcoming Miami Open. 

Because of the USA’s current law not permitting unvaccinated foreigners to enter the country, the 35-year-old Serbian superstar had to resign from participating in the 2023 Indiana Wells. This law is applicable until May 11. The Miami Open kicks off on March 20, and as things stand, Nole will not be able to participate in this tournament either.

Novak had applied for a special medical exemption. But, he didn’t manage to get permission.

However, he is not yet completely out of luck. The current world No. 1 gets a substantial boost in his chances of participating as Ron DeSantis calls out Joe Biden’s unscientific and unreasonable COVID-19 vaccination regulations for foreigners.

What did Ron DeSantis say about Novak Djokovic’s entrance to the USA?

DeSantis is expected to lead the Republican Party in the 2024 elections, and it seems like he seized upon the opportunity to call the current president out. In his Twitter post, he did not hesitate to fire shots at Joe Biden. “The only thing preventing him (Novak Djokovic) from participating is the misguided, unscientific, and outdated Covid-19 vaccination requirement,” he stated. 

Ron, the 46th governor of Florida, acknowledges Djokovic as “an extraordinary tennis player” and believes his presence will not pose any risk to public health. He even went as far as stating that he would ‘run a boat from the Bahamas’ to allow Novak to play at the Miami Open and requested the president to allow this form of travel by March 10.

Ron wasn’t the only one who insisted on letting Novak in the country, though. Rick Scott and Marco Rubio, two senators from Florida have insisted on similar terms.

After winning the 2023 Australian Open, Novak Djokovic is currently sitting at the top of the men’s ranking. However, his absence from Indian Wells might be crucial to the ranking. Should Carlos Alcaraz, who’s currently in the second position, win the ongoing BNP Paribas Open, he will dethrone Nole and claim the top spot.


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