Once Mark Henry revealed how he missed out on academy awards for best actor

There are multiple iconic moments that had took place in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment. Iconic moments are basically those which get stored in the minds of the fans as they remember the same even after multiple years. One of the iconic moments was also given by Mark Henry from almost 10 years on WWE Raw.

Mark Henry is mainly known for his 25 years carrier in WWE. Currently, Henry is signed to All Elite Wrestling where he works as a commentator/analyst, coach, and talent scout. 

Mark Henry announced his retirement in 2013 which ended up in ruse

‘The World Strongest Man’ signed with the company in 1996. His initial contract with WWE was of 10-year contract. He got the same after multiple obliterating powerlifting records. Mark Henry faking his retirement has still been considered to be one of the best promos of all time in the history of the company.

On the June 17th, 2013 episode of Raw the iconic moment took place. Before this, The World Strongest Man was absent from television due to suffering from multiple injuries. He returned to Raw during the segment of John Cena.

He interrupted the WWE Champion and No. 1 guy of that time John Cena. The Cenation leader even after getting interrupted was still happy to share the ring with Henry so that he can deliver an emotional retirement speech.

But the segment ended in utter shock as Henry after getting his hand raised By John Cena, slammed him with his finisher in the ring. The crowd in the venue just exploded after the actions of Mark Henry, as they really believed that The World’s strongest man was about to retire from his WWE Carrier.

‘World’s Strongest Man’ gloated on how he deceived the fans

The actions of Mark Henry generated mixed reactions in the WWE Universe. Many of the fans really appreciated the acting skills of Henry. After the iconic moment took place, Mark Henry addressed the crowd the next Raw and also mocked them by saying that he fooled all of them. He also stated that he was nominated for an Acadamy award for his acting on last week’s Raw.

Mark Henry

This moment was also used by the WWE Universe as a meme to give a reference to a fake thing. Mark Henry is currently working with AEW company where he also expressed his desire to have one more Retirement Match in All Elite Wrestling Promotion.


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