Packers vs Lions game was most viewed Sunday Night Football final in six years

Sunday Night Football is known for its quality to gain the spectator’s attention, and it usually reflects in the obtained views of the particular event. It has been a long time since a match has crossed the twenty million views mark- back in 2018, the late Sunday Night Football match between Dallas Cowboys and Cincinnati Bengals broke the barrier and gained a humongous 27.39 million views. 

Six years are in the making since that “eye-catching” day- until last Sunday, no other match could break the “Sunday Night Football’s twenty million views barrier.” Last Sunday, the Green Bay Packers were up against the Detroit Lions, which turned out to be a houseful show and gained a whopping total of 23.4 million views!

Packers vs Lions
Packers vs Lions: Lions-Packers season finale moved to Sunday Night Football on Local 4

Why was the game- Packers vs Lions hyped?

In the match, the Packers were in a “must-win” situation to stay alive in the tournament. On the other hand, the Lions were already out of it. The Packers fans watched the match anticipating their team to win and make it to the playoffs. While the Lions were not ready to go out without a fight, their fans wanted to take along the Packers as they were going down. 

In the middle of everything were the Seattle Seahawks fans- if the Lions could bring a victory from the grasps of the Packers, the Seahawks would qualify for a “Wild Card Round” against the 49ers. In the end, the Lions emerged as the victors of the match, ruining the chances of the Packers while keeping the hopes of the Seahawks alive with a 16-20 win. 

Packers vs Lions
Packers vs Lions: Rodgers, Packers lose 20-16 to Lions, miss playoffs

After the game, NBC Sports, the game’s broadcasters, came out with record-breaking stats. 

What did NBC sports say regarding Sunday Night Football?

NBC Sports is proud of their achievement, and after the match, they stated in their tweet,  

“Most-Watched SNF Season Finale in Six Years
Last Night’s Lions-Packers Matchup is the Most-Watched Sunday Night Football I Season Finale in 6 Years, Averaging 23.4 Million Viewers*.”

The high-voltage match turned out to be quite tight, yet fans got every worth of their pennies watching the incredible game. What was your favorite moment of the game? Comment below and stay tuned as we reach an astonishing Super Bowl finale.

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