Patriots quarterback Mac Jones fined twice for unnecessary roughness

Mac Jones, the quarterback of the New England Patriots, caused some discontent among his teammates when his ‘dirty play’ caused the game against the Cincinnati Bengals and earned him a fine. Mac Jones was also fined for ‘unnecessary roughness’ in the same game, such as pouring water on a drowning mouse.

The Patriots’ playoff hopes were dashed after a 22-18 loss to the Bengals at Gillete Stadium. The game was defined before the first half, as the Patriots were behind by 22 points; however, the second half was all in their favor. When Mac targeted a foul on Eli Apple at the end, the Patriots struggled.

What happened at Gillette Stadium?

Before the final whistle, Mac attempted a block over Eli. He was cornered in a play and trying to avoid taking a sack. Nonetheless, Jones lost possession and committed a tackle for no apparent reason. For this action, the 24-year-old wasn’t penalized immediately, but he was fined $13,367 later.

Jones’ tantrum didn’t end there, as he again shoved Rhamondre Stevenson after a fumble to gain control of the ball just before the 19th second to play. The Patriots were instantly penalized, which sealed any chance to level the score. Mac Jones was fined another $10,609 for the unnecessary roughness.

What did Mac Jones say regarding the double fine?

After the game, Bengals quarterback Apple slammed Jones, calling him a “dirty player,” which was echoed by other players. In response, Jones said in the press conference, “Everybody has an opinion. The biggest thing for me is just focusing on being the best teammate I can be and earning the respect of the people in this building and the people I care about.”

The Patriots will face the Miami Dolphins on the same field tomorrow. They must win to kick the Dolphins out of the playoff competition in the AFC East. To help his team win a playoff spot, starting quarterback Mac Jones must put his misdemeanor behind him.

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