Rafael Nadal conveys emotional message to fans suffering hip injury after loss vs Mackenzie McDonald at Australia Open

Rafael Nadal is the ‘Spanish Maestro’ and ‘one of the most successful tennis athletes’ of all time and winning the Grandslams record 22 times backs for the saying.

After Roger Federer announced his retirement earlier in 2022, all eyes are on Rafael Nadal, but the Spanish superstar is not having a very good time on the court.

After returning to action as a defending champion, Nadal was shocked after being eliminated from the Australian Open in the second round following a defeat against the American Mackenzie Mcdonald, and reaching further on to the next stage is now only a broken dream as it turned out to be.

The Spaniard lost the match in straight 6-4, 6-4, 7-5 sets, and much to his misery, Mcdonald didn’t allow him, not even once to be back in the game.

However, carrying an injury during the whole game that hindered the former no. 1, Rafael Nadal’s progress and the record breaker will be sidelined for a few days due to the injury as it appeared.

“Good afternoon. I have undergone medical tests after losing yesterday. The MRI shows a grade 2 injury in the iliopsoas muscle in my left leg. Now it’s time for sports rest and anti-inflammatory physiotherapy. Normal recovery time 6 to 8 weeks.”- Nadal posted on Twitter after the loss.

Nadal suffered an iliopsoas muscle injury, located in the hip area which happened at the moment when the match was running on the second set as Rafa chased a forehand wide shot from Mcdonald.

Nadal clan in the stands were left in tears as the injury occurred to the tennis powerhouse and the concern was visible on their face as the match progressed.

It remains to be seen, how much time the superstar has to sit down due to the blow and he will be hoping to hit the ground running as early as possible.



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