Rafael Nadal’s uncle Toni Nadal opens up on reality of his nephew

Spanish tennis superstar and 2022 Rolland Garros winner, Rafael Nadal is a record 22 time Grand Slam winner and one of the key members of the ‘Big Three’ of modern day tennis world alongside Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic.

Rafa, however, was on confusions during his childhood whether he would be a tennis player or a soccer player but his famous uncle Toni Nadal helped him chose this career path and eventually assisted him to be a world famous as of today.

What Toni Nadal said about his nephew Rafael Nadal?

Since turning into a professional player, Rafael Nadal came in contact with a number of world famous tennis coaches but it was his uncle Mr. Toni Nadal who made him a true superstar since the beginning of his career.

Following Rafa’s unavoidable departure from this year’s Wimbledon, the family and friends’ of the tennis star came forward to back him up at this difficult situation and Toni Nadal is one of them.

Rafael Nadal & Toni Nadal

Nadal’s uncle has recently stated that Rafael cannot consider quitting in trying circumstances since he is not accustomed to doing so and Toni also claimed that, “The reality of my nephew, indeed, has been the one that I reminded my brother once when he told me that we rushed too many times: “If it hadn’t been like that, Rafael would have lifted half of the Grand Slams he has”. 

Toni Nadal’s stronger belief on his nephew Rafael over the years has been proved again by the fact that he never regrets backing the Spanish superstar.

Nadal’s uncle also said in a recent interview that Rafa would never put his health on the risky circumstances and he (Rafael) would do anything to keep his body better with a view to play properly in future tennis tournaments.


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