Ravens Kicker Justin Tucker trolls Russell Wilson over plane high knees

The Broncos’ QB, Russell Wilson, has recently revealed an amusing fact following his first practice session after a brief break due to suffering a hamstring injury. He told the reporter that he had taken multiple hours of rehab exercise on the airplane while his teammates were sleeping. Naturally, some people ridiculed his discourteous plane behavior, and Ravens kicker Justin Tucker is at the top of that list.

“The next four hours I was doing treatment on the plane,” Wilson told reporters on Wednesday. “I was walking up and down the aisles. Everyone was knocked out. I was doing high knees and working on my legs and everything else, making sure I was ready to rock. So that was good.”

The Ravens took aim at Wilson during their flight home from Tampa after Thursday night’s win over the Bucs, hinting that they were trying out his training routine on the plane. Justin Tucker, the team’s kicker, led the charge, joking that Baltimore QB Lamar Jackson would lead the team in high knees.

“What are we doing on the plane ride home? I heard Lamar’s leading us in high knees,” Tucker said in the video. “Ravens flock, let’s fly.”

Tucker, being the gentleman that he is, said after the subtle joke that “we gotta play him, and we respect him,” referring to Wilson. 

The plane workout might have helped Wilson prepare better for the match or at least boost his confidence as he is coming out of an injury. Everyone including Tucker is also aware of his situation, but a little joke never hurts. The 32-year-old placekicker sportingly made the joke that means absolutely no harm to the Broncos QB.

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