‘If I meet him I will cause some problems for him’ Hasbulla Magomedov warns Conor McGregor

Hasbulla Magomedov isn’t happy about McGregor’s poor behavior. The social media sensation called McGregor a jerk for erasing the tweets and concluded by claiming that he would undoubtedly make up for it in the future. Maybe a sneak attack sometime in the future?

The Notorious, after UFC 280, made some nasty tweets about Hasbulla and Islam Makhachev. Later, he deleted those tweets for unknown reasons, but nothing can be erased from the internet, can it? So the Russian internet sensation immediately responded to the former featherweight champion’s disgusting tweets by calling him “Bum”.


Earlier, UFC president Dana White confirmed that Hasbulla Magomedov had signed a five-year contract with the organization. That gives him the ability to do anything in the UFC, as he mocked the current UFC Featherweight Champion, Alexander Volkanovski. Although it was a prank, Mini Khabib was dead serious about Conor. He recently, on the Full Send Podcast, shared his thoughts about the issue.

“Yeah, I saw all of his Tweets at me. But he is not my opponent; he can just talk. He’s not like a fighter to me; I don’t respect him as a fighter. And if I meet him, I will cause some problems for him. I don’t know yet. But I will definitely do something,” the 19-year-old stated when he was asked about what he would do if he met McGregor. “I’m not going to talk to him and if I see that he wants something, I’ll dismiss him.”

The Irishman is still injured, trying to recover while his toxic social media presence still remain. A number of UFC stars were disappointed after those tweets and called him out later on Twitter. Is it a bad thing for Conor’s publicity? but it will definitely have an impact on his younger fans, who idolize him.


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