Real reason for CJ Stroud being seen with Amber Rose shows Texans QB’s true colors

CJ Stroud was recently spotted with a famous American model and rapper Amber Rose which ignited dating rumors. The QB and Amber participated in Houston-native music icon Travis Scott’s celebrity softball game Thursday night at Minute Maid Park as part of the 2024 Cactus Jack Foundation HBCU event.

After the event, the two left together and the NFL community started talking about a potential romance between the two. Several media outlets also reported about their relationship and how the two left the event together. However, Amber Rose has clarified everything by sharing the real reason why she went with CJ Stroud. 

Amber Rose debunks CJ Stroud dating rumor

CJ Stroud, the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, was first time spotted with a girl and broke the internet with a potential new romance of an athlete and entertainment star like Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. 

TMZ reported that the QB and Rose were seen “walking toward the same car together” after the softball game. They also reported that at that time Amber Rose was “not formally seeing anyone at the moment,” and “Stroud is reportedly single too.”

CJ Stroud
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All signs pointed towards a potential new relationship, but Amber Rose has debunked all rumors with a single Instagram story. She reposted the news about her alleged relationship with CJ Stroud and clarified that she doesn’t even know him.

The rapper explained that she met him for the first time, and he simply gave her a ride to the hotel, which was the real reason they were spotted together.

“We literally don’t know each other and only met yesterday. The sprinter left me and he was nice enough to give me a ride to my hotel thx again (CJ Stroud),” she wrote in the story.

Sorry to break it to you but there is nothing like a relationship between CJ Stroud and Amber Rose. As claimed by the model they don’t even know each other. So, fans can stop shipping them.

Does CJ Stroud have a girlfriend?

Houston Texans quarterback CJ Stroud has never dated anyone or at least never shared about his relationship. The QB has kept his life very private therefore there is no information about his past relationships.

CJ Stroud
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Therefore, it is believed that CJ Stroud is not dating anyone and never been in a relationship. Now and then rumors circulate about his relationship but the QB never confirmed anything, neither any of it was ever proven true.

However, Stroud often talks about his father who has been in prison for many years. He also talked about his family problems including financial challenges which led them to live a simple life.

Despite all these problems, CJ Stroud stayed resilient and determined and has already cemented his name in the NFL as one of the most talented quarterbacks. As far as his relationship and love life is concerned, fans will need to exercise some more patience.

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