“Retire a hall of famer”: Raven QB Lamar Jackson confesses his dream retirement scenario ahead of upcoming NFL season

While the NFL world expected Lamar Jackson to leave the Baltimore Ravens and sign with some other team, the quarterback decided on a contract extension with the team. First, the quarterback asked his team for the trade but later signed a 5-year contract extension with the Ravens which means he will play with the team till 2027.

Recently, the quarterback talked about his future plans hinting at his retirement. His words have given confidence to the fans that the QB will be with the Ravens for a long time.

Lamar Jackson on his retirement plans

Lamar Jackson has signed a lucrative $260 million deal with the Ravens. This deal makes him the highest-paid player in the league. 

Lamar Jackson

Recently, he talked about his future plans saying that he wants to retire there. The quarterback has high hopes for the future. He is aiming to win a Super Bowl, have his jerseys hung up everywhere, and also wants to be called a Hall of Famer.

“I want to have my name hung up there in the rafters, have my jersey hung up there in the rafters, retire a hall of famer, Super Bowl winner here, I just love it.”

The fans are happy to hear that the QB is planning to retire with the Ravens and has high hopes for the future.

Lamar Jackson’s NFL career achievements with Ravens

Lamar Jackson has spent five years with the Baltimore Ravens. He is not only the quarterback of the team but also an ambassador for the organization.

Jackson has led the team to four playoffs, and he has the fifth-most rushing yards by a quarterback in NFL history (4,437). The 26-year-old also has 1,230 more rushing yards through five seasons than any other quarterback. 

Lamar Jackson

Jackson became the second unanimous Most Valuable Player (MVP) and the fourth African-American quarterback to win the award.

Now, with a new season ahead the quarterback is determined to achieve more in his career. With his confidence and determination, he is poised to lead Ravens to many more achievements and success in the upcoming NFL season.

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