Ricochet stuns Logan Paul by recreating iconic NXT moment: “That was Cool”

On the latest edition of WWE Raw, Ricochet had a face-to-face confrontation with The Youtube Sensation Logan Paul. This confrontation was set up by the WWE when The One & Only had called out The Maverick after an intense backstage brawl after the Money in the Bank ladder match.

Upon Ricochet’s call out, Logan Paul visited Monday Night Raw and confronted the former United States Champion. However, Ricochet still managed to surprise Maverick by recreating one of the iconic moments from his time in NXT.

Maverick appears on WWE Raw following Ricochet call-out

Ricochet was the first person to come out in the ring. The One & Only told the WWE Universe that he walked tonight on Monday Night Raw only because of one specific person and that person is Logan Paul. The former Us Champion also highlights their previous encounters in the company but then he voiced his frustration over the comments made by the Maverick on his podcast.

Logan Paul

Finally, after a call out, the Youtuber made his way into the arena. Paul again backed his comments from the podcast and called Ricochet a reckless amateur. Further, The One & Only stated that how no one really wants The Maverick to win that MITB ladder match, and also gave a counter reply to Logan’s comment that if he is unprofessional that he not be the one standing in the ring right now. After this, he challenged The Maverick to a match at Summerslam.

Logan argued that he had at least a lucky knockout punch but the Former US Champion is about replays and clips.

Ricochet wows audience and Logan Paul with “Superhero Landing”

After having a heated argument with Logan Paul, Ricochet amazed him and the audience by giving a Superhero landing from the top rope. The Youtuber seemed to be surprised same as the audience but then he trolled Ricochet by saying that this stuff may be good for TikTok videos but Logan is not a TikToker.


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He mentioned himself as a moment and tries to blindside his enemy. However, Ricochet ducks out of the ring and performed a Sliced Bread off of the apron. For those unaware, The One & Only had recreated his iconic & popular moment from NXT with his Superhero Landing.

Ricochet had performed this first time during his feud with the released superstar Velveteen Dream. After executing the somersault plancha perfectly, he amazed both the NXT crowd and dreams also. 

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