WATCH: The Undertaker scares off shark in viral footage

The Deadman Undertaker is one of the most popular figures in the history of WWE. Undertaker is considered one of the top finest stars who had carried his character everywhere and maintained the kayfabe during his time in the company. However, the last match that The Phenom wrestled was against AJ Styles in a cinematic boneyard match at WrestleMania 36 where the Taker had secured a victory.

At Survivor Series 2020, he announced his retirement from the in-ring carrier and was also inducted into the Hall of Fame in recent times.

The Undertaker seen rescuing wife from possible shark attack

Undertaker is mainly get remembered as a scary & haunting character. However, recently a video went viral all over the internet, where it seems like The Deadman had also made his fear among the shark. The video was uploaded by none other than the wife of the Hall of Famer Michelle McCool. In this video, both the power couple was enjoying themselves on the beach. Suddenly a shark appeared on the water’s surface but it seems like after seeing the Deadman himself even the shark got afraid as it changes his direction.


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Michelle also wrote in her caption that she texted  Taker when she feels that there is something like Shark. She also mentioned the Deadman as her protector.

WWE HOF married Michelle McCool in 2010

It’s been already 13 years since the WWE Hall of Famer and Michelle McCool got married. The Deadman & McCool first met and then dated each other before getting married. Both tied their knots on 26th June 2010, in Houston, Texas. Earlier, Taker also revealed that he fell in love with the former WWE superstar when he saw her throwing a football. Undertaker also praised his wife in multiple interviews by saying that she is different from others in many ways and also describes how strong a work-ethic Michelle really has. Right now, Taker has two daughters and a son from his previous relationship, and a daughter from McCool’s previous relationship.

The Undertaker

Not only Taker but also her wife Michelle McCool had held some impressive stats in her wrestling carrier. She was a two-time WWE Divas champion and also a two-time WWE Women’s champion in the Stamford-based promotion. However, Michelle shocked the world by announcing her retirement at the age of 31 back in 2011. It was announced after 1 year of her marriage with The Deadman. Her last match was against Layla at the Extreme Rules premium live event of the company.

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