Rihanna’s floating platform during Eagles vs Chiefs Super Bowl LVII half time show become excellent Smash Bros meme

Performing at the Super Bowl is a huge honor and a remarkable milestone in any performer’s resume. Rihanna, everyone’s favorite pop musician and fashion icon, was picked for the task on February 12, and after viewing her performance, the fans now urgently want to play as her in Super Smash Bros.

The singer landed on a floating platform high above the field, wearing a beautiful red jumpsuit and matching latex bustier and singing a snippet of “What’s My Name” as a lead-in to “Bitch Better Have My Money,” surrounded by dancers dressed in white on their own floating platforms.

It was a visually impressive show. The choreography was stunning, and the field was packed with dancers as Rihanna took them through the paces of a fast-paced set that included hits like “Where Have You Been,” “Only Girl (In the World),” and “We Found Love.”

The concert built to a fireworks-laden finale that certainly felt like it peaked on “Umbrella” until she segued into “Diamonds” as her floating platform brought her back up to the open roof of State Farm Stadium, the brightest diamond in the Arizona sky.

Rihanna hadn’t performed on stage in years, and her glorious comeback was really iconic, as she walked onto the stage on a platform and sang her favorites. Despite smashing hits, stunning attire, and brilliant performers, the gaming community could only see one thing—Smash Bros.

That’s because the floating platforms hung high above Arizona’s State Farm Stadium resembled the Special Stage: Battlefield arena from Smash Bros. Melee, one of the franchise’s most famous titles.

Following the performance, the community took to Twitter to applaud Rihanna and her Smash Bros performance, and they asked that this icon be included in the game as a playable character.

Given that Rihanna’s stage is nearly a carbon copy of Smash Bros’ platform, fans simply couldn’t overlook the chance to produce Smash Bros memes, and it will be a meme that fans of the series won’t soon forget.

Smash Bros is a popular Nintendo platform fighting game in which two or four players fight for their lives on a platform. Rihanna’s performance will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the finest halftime shows, outshining prior years’ performances while also accidentally paying tribute to Smash Bros.


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