Super Bowl LVII: Why does NFL pay little to nothing to halftime show performers like Rihanna in mega event that attracts millions of viewers

Super Bowl LVII is all set for Sunday. Fans are excited about the NFL’s main event, and their excitement is not just because of the game. The Super Bowl halftime show is no less than the biggest concert on earth with superstars performing on it. This year it will be Rihanna

Super Bowl LVII
Rihanna will be the star of the halftime show.

Fans, including Patrick Mahomes’s family members, are excited to see the singing sensation perform in the halftime show, and the expected audience for the show is over 100 million views. 

With such a huge audience, fans might think Rihanna will be paid millions of dollars. However, that is unlikely. This might come as a shock to fans, but in reality, for her performance at Super Bowl LVII, the NFL will not pay Rihanna at all!

Why will the NFL not pay Rihanna at Super Bowl LVII?

The NFL creates a committee for the Super Bowl which is formed with the director of entertainment, associates from the NFL’s production company, and the director and producer of the show. The committee decides who will perform in the show according to the relevance they bring to the table. 

Moreover, the committee pays for the show’s costs. However, they do not directly pay the performers. Instead, the performers are paid through the “union scale.” Although they pay the performers through this method, it is never enough to satisfy huge performers like Rihanna. 

Furthermore, sometimes the budget is also not enough, leaving artists like the Weeknd and Dr.Dre to spend $7 million from their pockets. Yet these “Big” superstars perform in the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl LVII
The Weeknd is performing in the 2021 Super Bowl halftime show.

The question then comes, why?

Why do superstars perform in the Super Bowl?

Even though it seems like a lost bet, it is not. Even though the performers are paid close to nothing, their old albums resurface and bring them a fortune. Dr. Dre’s 2001 album resurfaced and rose to number nine on Billboard among 200 other albums. That’s not all; the albums sale increased and reached an all-time with a 200% margin. 

Performing in the Super Bowl also benefits artists as it increases their chances of winning awards like the Emmys, which is what most, if not all, artists dream of. Rihanna performing in this year’s Super Bowl is also getting the chance to promote her Fenty “game day” makeup, which is expected to bring her a fortune. With such opportunities to excel, artists never hesitate to perform in the halftime show. 

Super Bowl LVII
Fenty “game day” makeup.

Which artist impressed you the most on Super Bowl halftime shows? You can share your opinion in the comments. 

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