“Take Travis Kelce out of the game” 49ers TE George Kittle claims Eagles “don’t stand a chance” vs Chiefs in NFL Super Bowl LVII

Super Bowl LVII is on its way as the Philadelphia Eagles will take on Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs. Both teams this season were well-deserved to make it to the Super Bowl- they took on all the teams and spared none. Both teams even won the exact number of matches coming into the main event of the NFL. Now that the Chiefs and the Eagles will fight it off on the football field, other teams and their player are giving their opinion on them, including George Kittle.

George Kittle
Super Bowl LVII

The San Fransico 49ers were one of those teams, unlucky enough to play both the finalists. Having faced both teams, the 49er players certainly know the straight and weaknesses of the Eagles and the Chiefs. 

So, tight end Kittle was sharing his experience- what sort of issues the 49ers faced while playing the top two teams. While sharing his experience, he revealed to the Eagles how the Philadelphia team could defeat the Chiefs. The hint was related to the Chiefs’ offense. So, George Kittle advised the Eagles to “take Travis Kelce out of the game,” and the Super Bowl is theirs for the taking.

What did George Kittle say about Travis Kelce?

On Friday, Kittle spoke to PFT Live, and while he was sharing his experience playing against the Kansas City Chiefs, he showed the Philadelphia team the path to victory. Regarding the Chiefs’ offense, the tight end said, 

“My take is this – If the Eagles don’t take Travis Kelce out of the game, they’re going to lose. Straight up. Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes are the best tandem in football.”

Moreover, he added, “There’s nothing like them. … If you let [Kelce] take over the game, they [Eagles] don’t stand a chance.”

So, it seems quite simple for the Eagles. They cannot let Mahomes and Kelce work together. However, it is easier said than done. Patrick and Travis are among the best NFL duos, and keeping them out of the equation is no joke. 

Having said that, Jalen Hurts and his flock of Eagles will give it their all to try to get their hand on the Super Bowl. Can they do it? Let us find out on Sunday. 

Who are you rooting for in Super Bowl LVII? Share your team in the comments. 




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