Kevin Hart buys hefty $16.5 million Eagle named Jalen Hurts ahead of Super Bowl LVII

Kevin Hart is known for his over-the-top comedy and great acting skills. The comedian is also one of the biggest Eagles fans out there. So, when the Eagles qualified for the Super Bowl, the superfan got super excited. 

His excitement, along with his hard work entertaining people, has made him take a “wild” decision. Just as we were approaching the Super Bowl, the comedian got a new pet. Moreover, the pet comes with a trainer. 

Since he is a top Eagles and Jalen Hurts fan, Kevin Hart bought an actual Eagle that cost the comedian a hefty amount of $16.5 million. However, buying the eagle is pointless if it does not reach the fans. So, Hart made a video with his net pet eagle and his trainer explaining to his fans the motives behind buying the wild creature. 

What did Kevin Hart say in his video?

The video was entertaining, to say the least. Hart starts the video by stating how he is celebrating the Philadelphia team’s “big game” on Sunday. Kevin says, 

“All right, people, the big game is coming up. … But before I get into how I’m celebrating,, I’m going to tell you why. Because I worked hard, I believe when you work hard, you should treat yourself, and that’s exactly what I did. Ladies and gentlemen, I splurged a little bit. I went out and bought an eagle.”

However, he did not stop there as he went on to show his new pet and its trainer. Kevin even named the eagle Jalen Hurts, and he tries to speak to it, saying, “Got a big game coming up, baby. You ready?”

Moreover, he does a bit of comedy with the trainer and asks whether the eagle can take “a lap around the house.”The trainer replies, “no,” leaving Hart in shock. Afterward, Kevin says, 

“Well, they should have told me that before I bought it. They didn’t tell me that. So somebody’s got to get some type of refund. We’ll discuss that later.”

“Either way, I’m about to make myself what I want to call a Screaming Eagle. It was called mellow mojito, but I changed the name. We celebrating all week. Big game coming up. Big moves. And I got an eagle. Jalen! You live here now. Welcome home.”

Kevin really knows how to give people a good laugh. It will be interesting to see whether his team- the Eagles, can back him and win the Super Bowl.

Can the Philadelphia Eagles do it? Time will tell. Stay tuned and find out on Sunday.


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