“Female power slap contender series incoming?” UFC fans brutally mock Conor McGregor after pictures of him partying with rapper Chris Brown goes viral

Chris Brown and Conor McGregor, two superstars in their own distinct fields recently came together in Ireland. The tour happened when the American artist was on a trip to a Western European country when at one point he decided to meet up with the combat sports athlete, sparking mixed reactions from fans across the globe.

Conor has been in the news lately mostly for negative reasons. He also ‘allegedly’ almost died in an accident where he got hit by a ‘sun blinded’ speeding vehicle while riding a bicycle. Plus his long-anticipated return inside the Octagon was announced recently as he will return as a TUF coach against lightweight Michael Chandler and fight in the end.

Why is Conor McGregor partying with Chris Brown Controversial?

We should not forget that a woman has recently filed a case against the ‘Notorious’ for ‘allegedly’ assaulting her while on Conor’s Yacht on international waters. She claims the ‘Mystic Mac’  began to attack her physically making her scared for her dear life and then jumping into the water for a chance to live another day.

Many Allege that Conor’s long-anticipated fight getting suddenly announced seemingly out of nowhere and his ‘accident’ that seemed to only cause minor injuries were all a stunt to cover his filth up. In the post-accident video, Conor is seen behaving awfully nice to the alleged assaulter.

It is also worth mentioning that Chirs Brown’s entertainment industry peers do not all like the former lightweight. Recently, famous actor Liam Neeson was asked about McGregor and the ‘UFC’ to which he replied,

“UFC I can’t stand. That to me is like a bar fight. I know the practitioners are like, ‘no, you’re wrong—the months of training we do…’ Why don’t you just grab a beer bottle and hit the other guy over the head? That’s the next stage of the UFC. I hate it… That little leprechaun Conor McGregor gives Ireland a bad name. I know he’s fit, and I admire him for that. But I can’t take it.”

On the other hand, Chris Brown has also been accused of assaulting Rihanna back in 2009. With so many assault allegations against both Chris and Conor, people were quick to pull the ‘Women Assaulter’ card.


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