Donald Trump severely criticizes Rihanna by saying “Bad everything, and NO TALENT!” ahead of her Super Bowl LVII performance

The Super Bowl is scheduled for next Sunday. While most fans from across the globe await the main event of the NFL and are eager to watch the show, former American president Donald Trump is unlikely to tune in. 

The former president is a controversial figure known for his outrageous tweets. Even now, just before the Super Bowl, he posted a bombshell tweet bashing one of the main performers in the half-time show of the main event.

Who is Donald Trump criticizing, and why?

There are many people who the former president has bad relations with. However, as the Super Bowl approaches, Donald Trump clarifies that he will not watch the show, as Rihanna will perform in the half-time show. On Friday, Trump addressing Rihanna, tweeted, “Without her “Stylist” she’d be NOTHING. Bad everything, and NO TALENT!”

Donald hates the star singer, and the reason is also attached in his tweet. While the former president said that Rihanna does not have any talent, he attached Ronny Jackson’s tweet, where Jackson wrote, 

“Rihanna spray painted “F*** Donald Trump” on a car at the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo. She’s made a career of spewing degenerate filth while badmouthing America every chance she gets. Why is the NFL showcasing this crap? Rihanna SHOULD NOT be the half-time performer!!”

Although Trump is spreading hate about Rihanna, NFL fans will be careless and proceed to watch the intense match-up between the Eagles and Chiefs. On the other hand, the half-time show is no less than the biggest concern on earth. Even Patrick Mahomes said, “I have family members that I think are more excited about the half-time show than they are about the game.”

With her mesmerizing voice, Rihanna has sung many heart-touching songs, and fans love her for who she is. To say that Rihanna is nothing without her “Stylist, “is an insult that Rihanna will not even notice. Moreover, she does not care what a man like Donald Trump says, as the feeling between the singer and former president is mutual.

Are you hyped about the Super Bowl? Which team are you rooting for? You can share your thoughts in the comments.


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