Roman Reigns got betrayed by every Bloodline member, Solo Sikoa joins forces with The Usos on WWE Smackdown: ‘‘They’re my brothers’’

The WWE universe has been treated to a blockbuster storyline with The Bloodline, a faction that has captivated fans with its twists and turns. Recently, Roman Reigns experienced a shocking betrayal from every member of his trusted Bloodline, only for Solo Sikoa to surprisingly align himself with The Usos on WWE Smackdown. The backstage drama has left fans reeling and speculating about the future of this dominant group.

Roman Reigns

When was the Bloodline formed on WWE?

Roman Reigns and The Usos’s faction, The Bloodline, were one of the strongest in wrestling history. Although officially formed in 2021, the foundation of their partnership was laid back in 2015.

Before uniting forces, Reigns made his mark as a member of The Shield alongside Seth Rollins and Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose). Interestingly, the cousin brothers initially clashed as opponents, with The Shield triumphing over The Usos and Kofi Kingston in a memorable episode of RAW in May 2013.

Reigns started a solo career after The Shield broke up in 2014, but an alliance with Jimmy and Jey was soon to follow. In 2015, they teamed up for the first time, accompanied by Moxley and Ryback, and scored a victory against Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, and The New Day on an electrifying episode of RAW in November. Their path to becoming a cohesive trio was hindered until 2016 when they faced The Club (AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows) but were unsuccessful in their endeavor.

Why did the relationship turn sour between Roman Reigns and his crew?

Sami Zayn’s betrayal of Roman Reigns during the 2023 Royal Rumble main match will go remembered as one of the most fascinating storylines ever seen in WWE history.  The championship bout between Reigns and Kevin Owens featured an electrifying demonstration of in-ring chemistry, with Zayn and Paul Heyman watching from the stands.

Zayn’s inner conflict about aiding The Tribal Chief in bending the rules added an intriguing layer to the bout, captivating fans worldwide. However, the aftermath of the match took the tension to unprecedented heights. The Bloodline, in a ruthless assault, mercilessly attacked Owens, who had already endured two head-first collisions with steel steps.

They handcuffed KO to the ropes, setting the stage for Zayn’s intervention as Reigns prepared to deliver a devastating chair shot to his defenseless friend. In a shocking twist of fate, Solo Sikoa, who had seemingly aligned himself with Roman Reigns, turned his back on The Tribal Chief during a recent episode of WWE Smackdown. The Bloodline’s bond shattered as Solo unleashed a vicious Spike on his former leader, leaving fans bewildered and clamoring for answers.

This betrayal marked a turning point in The Bloodline’s narrative, as Solo Sikoa joined forces with The Usos, claiming them as his true brothers. The unexpected alliance has left the WWE universe buzzing with speculation about the motives behind Solo’s betrayal and the future of this dynamic crew.

The shocking betrayal within The Bloodline has left the WWE universe in a state of disbelief, eager to unravel the intricacies of this enthralling storyline. As Roman Reigns faces the fallout of Solo Sikoa’s unexpected alliance with The Usos, the future of this dominant faction hangs in the balance. What are your thoughts on this dramatic twist and the implications it holds for The Bloodline’s journey?

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