Roman Reigns throws hilarious dig at young fans WrestleMania 39 reaction video saying “helping fathers teach life lessons all around the world”

WWE superstar Roman Reigns took a hilarious dig at fans who were rooting for Cody Rhoades in a recent tweet. The tweet has gone viral, and Reigns’ fans are lauding him for his sharp wit and sarcastic sense of humor.

Rhodes rode high into WrestleMania 39. A myriad of fans expected him to be the one to do what Drew McIntyre failed to do in the UK or Sami Zayn could not accomplish in Montreal. Reigns had a 940+ days title streak going on.

Fans desperately wanted the streak to end. Rhodes was their chosen messiah, as the internet reactions made it seem. However, it clearly takes a lot more than guts and glory to edge over Reigns and become the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

Roman Reigns took a dig at Cody Rhodes fans

Doubting Reigns would be tomfoolery for any superstar. The Head of the Table showed exactly that. He made fools out of all Rhodes’ supporters. Not to mention that it did come with the cheeky helping hand of Solo Sikoa. Despite the fashion of the win, it is undeniable that he has retained his titles. And now the streak is all but confirmed to cross the milestone of 1000 days.

Contrary to his online persona, Reigns took a dig at Rhoades fans. In the tweet, Reigns wrote, “Helping fathers teach life lessons all around the world.

The tweet sparked mixed reactions, with some fans taking offense to Reigns’ comment. Fans were eagerly waiting for this match to go against Reigns. Which is why a lot of them felt disappointed with the result. Reigns amplified his villainous stage persona with just a single tweet.

However, a number of fans saw the humor in it and praised Reigns for his witty response.

Reigns’ tweet is a perfect example of how he has been able to connect with fans on a personal level. Yes, he agitated quite a few fans. Then again, that is what he does from time to time. This has made him one of the most popular WWE superstars in recent years.

His sharp wit and sarcasm have also been instrumental in his success. Despite his seemingly never-ending streak, fans love to see him take jabs at his opponents.

While some fans may have been rooting for Rhoades to win, Reigns’ comment suggests that he is not too bothered by it. In fact, it seems like he is just having fun with his fans and enjoying the banter.

What did you make of the tweet? Did Reigns take it too far, even after his controversial victory?


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