Saints kicker Blake Grupe reveals hysterical security encounter despite preseason heroics

New Orleans Saints rookie kicker Blake Grupe found himself in an amusing situation with the security during a preseason game. Blake played for the first time with the Saints against the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday. The young kicker scored a game-winning goal and cemented the victory over the Chiefs. Despite giving a heroic performance, Blake encountered a hysterical security check.

The kicker shared the incident on Twitter emphasizing that he went through this bizarre incident despite hitting the game-winning field goal. Further ahead, he explained the situation in a very enticing way.

Blake Grupe shares hilarious security experience at Saints preseason game

Blake Grupe is 5-foot-7 and doesn’t have a demeanor like other NFL players. Maybe that was the reason that got the security professionals in the stadium confused. 

After the game, Blake posted a tweet sharing his experience with the security. The kicker shared that the security misunderstood him as a fan. 

He shared his whole game experience in three steps. First, he was questioned about his credentials, then he hit the game-winning goal, and in the end, while leaving he was mistaken as a fan by the security. 

Blake was the star of the night therefore it was quite shocking to know that the security couldn’t recognize him. It must’ve been shocking for the kicker himself. After the game, everyone in the stadium was praising him and just a few moments later a security professional couldn’t even recognize him. 

His lighthearted response to the security’s mistake shows how humble the rookie player is. Instead of misbehaving he handled the situation with humility and gratitude. Even through his hilarious tweet, the focus of the Kicker was to prove that he is a valuable player for the Saints

Saints kicker’s heroics cemented victory over Chiefs 

Blake Grupe’s introduction to the NFL was very interesting. He not only encountered a hilarious security check but also hit a game-winning field goal.


A game-winning field goal is the most crucial part of the game which puts a lot of pressure on the kicker. Despite being a rookie player, Blake took the responsibility. He made the game-winning field goal giving the team a 26-24 win over the Chiefs.

The Saints have signed the young kicker as a free agent. But after Sunday’s game, Blake has won the hearts of fans and coaches in the league which will lead him to better opportunities. Not only he proved his skills as a talented kicker, but also introduced his lighthearted and humble side to the world by sharing the security check incident with the fans in such a hilarious way.

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