Sami Zayn posts heart-wrenching photo after The Bloodline betrayal

Sami Zayn or WWE have not commented on his betrayal of The Bloodline as of yet; however, Sami tweeted a picture yesterday that was absolutely heartbreaking for the fans.

The Royal Rumble this year lived up to its reputation as one of WWE’s most thrilling pay-per-view events by incorporating even more eccentric elements than usual.

Among many shocking stories on Saturday night at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, Sami Zayn took the spotlight by betraying Roman Reigns, marking an unexpected turn in the Bloodline storyline.

Roman, gave Sami Zayn, the honorary Uce, the task of attacking Kevin Owens with a steel chair. Sami took the chair, but to everyone’s surprise, he hit Roman instead and saved Kevin.

In the wake of Sami’s performance, Roman and the other fifty thousand spectators present in the Alamodome were stunned into silence. Everyone was taken aback by Sami’s actions, as they all knew the grave consequences he was about to face with the rest of The Bloodline members. 

Sami recently shared on Twitter a photograph in which he set up all of the picture frames that he had showcasing his memories with The Bloodline next to a garbage can. This certainly broke the heart of all the fans of The Bloodline as it means Sami is longer a member of the formidable group. 

Sami experienced the repercussions of his betrayal firsthand, which prompted Roman and the rest of his team to become frantic with him immediately.

Another unexpected turn of events was when Jey Uso, just like Sami, decided to disobey the Tribal Chief by not taking part in Sami’s beating. Everyone in the squared circle was even more surprised when they saw Jey leave the arena. 

We don’t know what’s in store for Sami Zayn and The Bloodline just yet, but Roman Reigns has already declared war.


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