Sebastian Vettel retirement: Relaxed German eyes one last race following acclaimed F1 career

From a test driver for BMW Sauber to a World Champion with team Ferrari, the incredible story of Sebastian Vettel, 35, is sadly coming to an end at the end of this current season of Formula One Championship in December.

Despite giving up the steering wheel, Sebastian Vettel’s retirement news indeed made everyone overwhelmed and emotional at the same time for all the memories he shared with his fans across the world.

How does Sebastian Vettel’s retirement issue affect the Aston Martin driver?

Since announcing to the world that he will leave Formula 1 after the current season, Sebastian Vettel’s retirement acknowledged his feeling “liberated” and, following this year’s Abu Dhabi GP, the German’s F1 journey, which has included 53 race victories and four world championships, comes to the last hour. Furthermore, Fernando Alonso, 41, a driver with much more experience, will take his position at Aston Martin.

Immediately before the Hungarian Grand Prix this July, Sebastian announced his retirement and he stated that he feels lighter since doing so. In addition, he had time to relax during the summer and refuel in preparation for his final push over the remaining months of his F1 career.

Vettel on his Aston Martin f1 car

The German driver also told the press, “I find it difficult to reflect all these years in just a short time, so maybe it will hit me at some point later on. But I just enjoyed the [summer] break. The fact that the decision, or the fact that I was carrying this decision around with me for such a long time, it felt quite liberating [to announce it].”

Speculations behind Vettel’s retirement suggest that he has struggled to get points this season due to Aston Martin’s lack of competitiveness and also he only accumulated 20 points, five of which came in the four races after his announcement that he would be departing Formula One as soon as possible.

The Aston Martin driver claimed that despite his decision to retire, he is still giving it everything to finish the season on a high note. He also insisted that his attitude to all Grand Prix has not altered which really shows his true passion for the motorsport that he has been involved for the last fifteen years. Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettle’s pragmatic attitude can be reflected on his last statement few days ago when he stated happily, “The sun will still come up the Monday after the last race.” 


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