Seth Rollins kills Finn Balor’s hope to be WWE champ, Architect defends World Heavyweight title at MITB

Seth Rollins successfully defended his World Heavyweight Championship at Money in the Bank 2023. The Visionary defeated Finn Balor and crushed his hopes of becoming World Champion again in WWE. The match contains many ups and downs including the interference from Mr. MITB 2023 Damian Priest.

This is not the first time Seth Rollins & Balor had faced each other. They both shared the ring together in multiple matches. Both Rollins & Balor defeated each other. The leader of Judgment Day was seeking revenge from Rollins for the last 7 years but the Visionary again crushed his dreams.

Seth Rollins and Finn Balor’s rivalry

The Visionary Seth Freaking Rollins had initiated his rivalry against Finn Balor 7 years earlier at SummerSlam. Seth Rollins lost the match which led to Balor winning his first-ever Universal Championship. The next SummerSlam didn’t end well for the Demon because he was forced to relinquish his championship to due suffering an injury at the hands of Rollins during their match.

Since then Balor hasn’t won any World Championship in the company. He challenged Seth Rollins for his World Heavyweight gold but still, the match didn’t end as Finn planned.

The match was also interfered with by Damian Priest who won the MITB briefcase on the same night. Damian teased cashing in on Rollins but his move led to getting Balor distracted and cost him the match. The Visionary stomped Balor and retained his Championship.

Seth Rollins

Even after the match ended, Balor & Damian were involved in a heated argument on the ringside.

How many times Seth Rollins has defended his World heavyweight title?

The Visionary had won his World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions 2023. He won the inaugural World title by beating Aj Styles. Since winning the title, Seth Rollins proved himself a rather strong defending champion. He beat Damian Priest on an episode of WWE Raw & retained his Championship. The Visionary also faced and defeated Bron Breaker at NXT GoldRush for his Championship. 

This is the third time Rollins defended his title on television screen. Seth Rollins had multiple title defenses on live events also. By defeating Balor at MITB 2023, Rollins again proved why he is the World Heavyweight Champion. 

Seth Rollins

Now, Seth Rollins is rumored to have a Championship defense at SummerSlam 2023, but it seems like he will defend his title earlier on Monday Night Raw. It will interesting to see who the correct champ faces off against next.


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